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Allspray Supplies Ltd are the sole distributors in ireland for a number of well known manufacturers from around the world.

Wiwa - very rugged heavy duty equipment developted in Germany at home in any enviroment where
maintenance is not first on the contractors mind but get the job done then we will service it.

Airlessco - This is the painting contractors standard tool that other machine manufacturers are always trying to imitate but the American built airless just keeps on truckin.

Sagola - This Spanish company have been making spray guns for the last 60 years, look in any spray shop it's either Sagola pot guns or Sagola pressure pots many have produced similar but no one comes near.

Asturo - "The best equipment that Italy has produced" how one internet site has called it from airless guns to double diaphram pumps,the full range is top quality at good price.

Allspray also supply Graco - Wagner - Titan - Devillbiss -

Little Pro 540
WIWA Profit
WIWA Phoenix
WIWA Magnum
Little Pro 400
Airlessco SL 1100
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